Sunday, April 12, 2009

Explanation of the Hammer, Bell, Song to Sing items below...

The "hammer" has been given by Virginia Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine to the Rock the Boat! Roll out YOUR VOTE! Revive this Republic by Revolution by Kaine's refusal to obey or honor a U. S. supreme Court case of Atkins v. Virginia where the Mentally Retarded are NOT to be executed, so cravenly Kaine killed Eddie Bell on 19 February a.d. 2009.

And that politically motivated, cravenly cowardly act came after Kaine received from this investigative reporter (author and activist) copies of Winchester Police Notes that reveal that the Democrat prosecutor who "convicted" Bell, was reported by a trusted informant: "Paul Thomson is skimming money from drug dealers."

Democrat Kaine (or his lawyers) met with Democrat Thomson on 18 February, and decided to kill Eddie Bell to cover-up the corruption of Democrat Thomson in this case and at LEAST one other. Reading a blog entry of Thomson gloating about his meeting with Democrat Kaine, this author authored an Emergency Motion for Stay of Execution.

The far less than supreme Court justices created a legal fiction to define a Citizen as a "Legal stranger" (because a Citizen does not have a Bar card to play in their 'supreme Court' playground?) as an excuse to claim no standing, thereby Dismiss the Motion to Stay, and IGNORE the Evidence that was presented in a companion document "Petition for Writ of Error Coram Vobis", documents that NO LAWYER would present to the Courts in Bell's defense, that the Public Prosecutor, Democrat Paul Thomson is "Guilty" of GROSS Prosecutorial Misconduct.

But the issue of in-Justice in Virginia Courts is just one of many issues for the Virginia Voter Revolution... Please stay tuned and post your comments of what YOU vote for as key issues!

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